Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FACEbook SHortCuts.....Only for ADDIcTs..

Are you a facebook addict 
Do you use facebook 24 X 7
And think that it is totally made for you only.
THen this set of Shortcuts are for you only.
Use them and enjoy FACEBOOKING... 

If you are using WINDOWS and chrome then press Alt
If you are using WINDOWS and Firefox press Alt+Shift

After this press following :-

EXAMPLE-  If you are using Firefox press ALT+SHIFT+1 to go to home page.

? Go to the Facebook Search
1 Home (News Feed)
2 Your profile page
3 Friend requests
4 Messages
5 Notifications
6 Your Account Settings
7 Your Privacy Settings
8 Go to the Facebook page
9 View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement
0 Open Facebook help center

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